Terms & Conditions

Welcome to BuyTix.ca! Our goal is to make your night of fun as easy and efficient as possible. Our Purchase Policy is designed to provide you with the information you need to ensure a smooth transaction and trouble-free retrieval of your tickets once you get to the venue. Please take a minute to read the following:


In accordance with our Terms of Service, BuyTix does not offer refunds or exchanges of tickets purchased on the BuyTix.ca web site. In addition, tickets purchased through BuyTix.ca may be subject to a per-ticket Service Fee, which is non-refundable. Before purchasing your tickets we urge you to confirm the title, time and location of the shows, performances, appearances, events, special events, classes, or other similar artistic showcases ("Event" or "Events") you wish to see. If you cannot attend a show time for which you have purchased tickets, you may contact the appropriate venue to inquire about their policy on refunds and exchanges. We strongly recommend that you contact the venue's management prior to your Events' commencement time, as they may not issue refunds or provide exchanges after show time. Any refund or exchange is at the discretion of venue's management and can only be conducted at the Events' box office where the Event occurs. If a refund is available, it will be automatically refunded back to your card, service fee is Non-refundable.


Please read your online and email confirmation pages carefully, as they provide you with important information about retrieving your tickets that may be unique to your chosen venue. Please remember to bring your printed or electronic Ticket to the venue. If you can't print or don't have a printer, be sure to show an email with a ticket and a QR code. Once you purchase a ticket on BuyTix.ca website, the venue holding the Event will be notified of your name and will allow you access to the Event upon confirmation of your name. Please be prepared to present your picture I.D. The name on your I.D. must match the name on the ticket to honor entry. Many venues require all partrons to be over the age of nineteen (19) to enter.


BuyTix accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa only.


As an integral part of your ticketing transaction with BuyTix.ca, we send you via e-mail a ticket confirmation following purchase explaining how to retrieve your tickets at the venue.


BuyTix.ca sells tickets on behalf of our venue partners. BuyTix.ca does not set ticket prices, determine show times, or control ticket availability and inventory.You will be responsible for paying all applicable taxes in connection with your purchase of any tickets. In the event that there's any issue arise about the tickets being not available for delivery or pick up, BuyTix.ca's liability is limited to the purchase price of those tickets. If you have any questions about the information above, please Contact Us.Thank you for using BuyTix.ca!


Due to the excessive and frivolous use of the chargeback option some of the customers have utilized in the past with their banking institutions we're forced to impose the Chargeback Fee of $250 minimum due to the time and effort we spend to reverse the chargeback on the charge you "think" is not yours. If you have any questions about the charge you see on your statement please reach out to our customer support department and we will be happy to asist you, after all, your satisfaction is our Number One priority.